Direct Loans

Direct Loans


For several farmers, use of credit is important for maintaining and expanding their operations. Even though many established farmers don’t have any difficulty getting credit from conventional organizations, more youthful and expanding farmers with less confirmed collateral and/or capability will often battle to have the credit they require in the terms they desire.

The Manitoba Agricultural solutions Corporation will help you with all the economic plans necessary which will make your procedure successful. MASC’s Direct Loans offer starting and founded farmers with brief, intermediate and financing that is long-term reasonable rates of interest and versatile payment terms.

Direct Loans factsheet

Direct Loans Factsheet


Loan Purposes

MASC Direct Loans are offered for:

  • Purchase of agricultural land or structures
  • Purchase of the latest or utilized equipment that is agricultural
  • Permanent improvements to land
  • Purchase, construction or renovation of farm manufacturing structures
  • Purchase, renovation or construction of on-farm domiciles
  • Purchase of breeding livestock
  • Purchase of supply-managed quota ( poultry and dairy)
  • Debt consolidating or refinancing
  • Buying or greenhouses that are renovating nurseries
  • Running costs

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